The Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is required for the majority of cases accepted by this office. During the consultation, you will be given an honest case assessment and your questions will be answered directly and completely. The fee for a consultation, whether in person or via telephone, is $100 and may be used for sixty days after the date of the consultation, as a credit toward future services. If nothing truly can be done to assist you, you will be informed such, immediately, before wasting thousands of dollars. Attorney Mary Elizabeth Perez does not aspire to give anyone false hope, but rather strives to use her superior creative-problem solving skills to devise an action plan to address the most challenging scenarios.

During your consultation, your documentation and case history will be analyzed and you will be explained the relevant immigration law and the possible solutions to your case. At the end of such, it is anticipated that you will know the steps you need to take.

To arrange a consultation, call 619-647-4677 or complete the contact form on this website.